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Fire Hose

Emergency Exit Signs and Lighting Oakland

It’s important to have a fire extinguisher cabinet that you can rely on and we can help at Acme Fire Extinguisher Co. We have over 75 years of dedicated fire protection serving the community of Oakland and the East Bay Area. Fires can happen quickly and result in a significant amount of damage. When you have an emergency exit sign, you can get everyone out safely and work to put out the fire. The right fire protection equipment is available, and you can get help figuring out what you need.

At daycare centers, a Child Care Alarm LA9V can be used to notify of a fire. Further, you can use an emergency exit light to show everyone where they need to exit. The sooner you can get people out of harm’s way of flames, the better the outcome will be. The reality is that you never know when a fire is going to happen. All it takes is a few minutes to prepare – and we will be here every step of the way. Call us for a free quote at 510-532-4040.

Contact us today to learn more about your fire prevention and protection options. Just a few short minutes can serve as an investment in your future you’ll never regret.