Livermore Portable Fire Extinguishers

Emergencies force you to face the burden of making split second decisions. When our customers reach for their fire extinguishers, they do so with the confidence that it’s been inspected with more than 70 years of experience.

Acme Fire Extinguisher Co. has assisted residents in Livermore with the routine inspection, quality service, and lasting maintenance of all of their fire safety equipment. Should we find that anything is substandard, malfunctioning, or ill positioned, we immediately intervene, providing our customers with dependable alternatives.

Trust the safety of your home, business, or commercial property to our expertise.

Licensed, insured, and eager to work toward your satisfaction, no other company is more qualified for the task. We’ve been offering top notch products, unmatched service, and detailed inspections since we first opened for business in 1941. Our efforts guarantee that each of our customers are legally and morally covered if a fire ever occurs.

We’ll answer all of your questions and help you select the ideal fire extinguishers to secure your safety. While at your location, our fire safety experts will help you create the most ideal display and storage options for the products you’ve chosen.

Compliance with Fire Department Inspection Corrections, building code requirements and federal guidelines can be an overwhelming task to achieve. Acme Fire Extinguisher Co. has been a staple within the community for more than 7 decades. We’ve worked with a wide variety of customers and we understand exactly what you need.

On-site mobile availability gives you direct access to our multi-faceted level of expertise. For added convenience, we also accept walk-in inquiries. Acme Fire Extinguisher Co. presents you with the best equipment, detailed instructions on its use, customized plans for caring for your property, and tips that can potentially save lives.

Our team can complete maintenance, inspections, sales, corrections, and installations for properties of any shape and size.

In addition to fire extinguishers, we can also assist you with ensuring your fire hoses, halon and carbon dioxide smoke detectors, and other fire retardants are up to par.

After working with us, you’ll know the difference between Class A, B, C, D, and K fire extinguishers. You and your employees will be sure of your ability to protect yourselves and others with those split second decisions.

Time is of the essence. Whether you’ve been ordered to make revisions to bring your existing safety system up to par or if you’re taking the initiative to cover yourself all on your own, let Acme Fire Extinguisher Co. make the most of each moment. Give us a call or request a quote today to learn more.


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